Thursday, November 08, 2007

Because i know some LOST fans lurk around my blog...

ABC is going to be posting 2-3 minute 'mobisodes' - which feature individual character flashbacks - over the weeks leading up to the season premiere. The first episode is going on their site this next Monday, but it's already been leaked. You can check it out by clicking here.

Minor Spoilers: I don't have a tremendous amount to say - I suspect that the watch has made an appearance and I just don't recall. I might edit in some more thoughts upon further reflection.


Anonymous said...

hey dude,

I read something on some blog written by a fellow teacher/blog friend of yours who teaches in the states.... he posted something about "Camille Paglia" and her take on adjuncts. Your comment was right on the money! I wish you taught my 101 english 'cause I bet you, on a hunch,that you would've had us reading some book (anything) while sneaking in something extra! Some of these adjuncts get pissy pissy when they have to WORK HARD to get the brass! God forbid one has to teach people who want to be in college, but can't afford to go to Ivy league! aargh! You got your head screwed on straight! And you sound really humble too!

I hope LOST is back this season. Will evangeline lilly be back on? I dunno.I loved anna lucia, there's not a lot of us latina girls on tV :)

neilshyminsky said...

I have tons of sympathy for people who have to do low-paying, low-security contract teaching work - since that's where the majority of us will end up. Which is incredibly shitty after at least half-a-dozen years of graduate work. So I can appreciate Paglia's willingness to show a little love, but I also can't help but feel that it's a bit misplaced - adjuncts don't teach the basics because they want to, but because they don't have the luxury to teach their own idiosyncratic pet projects.

I'm kinda self-deprecating, but I don't know about 'humble'. :)