Monday, March 31, 2008

Of Rock Band and rock bands

Actual conversation I had last night at Central, a Toronto bar that has a semi-weekly Xbox 'Rock Band' night every Sunday.

Doorman: It's a $5 cover.
Neil: Oh? What's going on?
D: We have a band from Scandinavia, and a band--
N: Oh, I was checking to see if they were playing Rock Band tonight. (mimes hitting the buttons)
D: (somewhat confused) Well, there's still one more band.
N: (sheepishly) Uh, no, I meant, uh, the game.
D: Oh, the... right, the game. (smirks)
N: Yeah...

Did it ever occur to the developers of Rock Band that these kind of things might happen? Awkward.


Ellstar said...

Ouch, you got snarked by a doorman at the CENTRAL. ;)

entzauberung said...

ScandInavia! You of all people...:)

James said...

"(mimes hitting buttons)"

At this point he thought you were doing air guitar

because you love "Rock Bands"

Ha ha ha ha

neilshyminsky said...

entzauberung: Err, oops. I fixed it.

james: Probably. Though - and i've had this discussion before - a proper 'air guitar hero' is quite different from 'air guitar', since it only involves finger movements with no movement up and down the fret board. That is, if anyone ever did 'air guitar hero', which they don't.