Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some videos worth watching...

#1 - The Sesame Street version of Feist's "1234"

A poster on PerezHilton remarked that anyone who doesn't smile while watching this must have had a horrible childhood. I'm inclined to agree.

#2 - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, from Joss Whedon and Neil Patrick Harris

I have to admit that I found the first 3 and a half minutes almost unbearable. Whedon and Harris are satirizing bad blogs, but don't seem to get that an entertaining bad blog - much like entertaining camp - is one where the blogger is entirely oblivious to how much of a loser he or she is. Dr. Horrible, on the other hand, seems acutely aware, and so it's just uncomfortable.

But then the singing starts around the 4 minute mark and the love ballad about freeze rays and the girl at the laundromat is endearingly and unknowingly pathetic in exactly the way that a bad vlog (even if, at this point, we've abandoned the format) from a D-list super-villain should be.

No embedding - Act I of III can be found here.


Marc Caputo said...

Right with you on that one, Neil. When I was a teenager and fantasizing about having a rock band, our band had a recurring gig on Sesame Street.

And on a related note, the Sesame Street version of 'Shiny Happy People' is the only tolerable version of that song.

back_tracker said...

my mouth twitched :X , but the song is catchy. so i guess that means my childhood was half-decent :P

i'm having mixed emotions as what i want to say next. so i will just leave it at that...