Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Custom board-gaming

So Monopoly is not the best board game ever. Granted. But there's a certain familiarity to it and a nostalgia that makes it a decently fun time. With that in mind, I recently made a custom Monopoly game for Victoria, which took an exhaustingly long time because I decided to embed pictures on to each property space on the board - exhausting because I'm not a fantastically skilled Photoshopper and my computer is old and slow. But it turned out well so I thought that I should plug the template and designer - Brad Frost - that made the process easier than it would have been and the end result far better than I would have imagined. (Just click his name to go directly to the template, which is on his blog.) And if you decide you want to give it a try, too, feel free to ask a relative novice like me for advice - or ask Brad himself, who was quite kind in helping me out.

(To maintain some shred of Marxian-hipster integrity, I decided to change the dollar amounts in the game from economic to cultural capital. Which actually works quite seamlessly with Monopoly money, since there are only numbers on the bills.)

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