Thursday, June 26, 2008

Juno and the making cool of teen pregnancy

From an article in the Toronto Star:

"After 'Juno,' an Oscar-winning 2007 movie about a regular high-school student who becomes pregnant, came out, Weston received lots of letters from teens who wanted to have babies, she said."

In light of the many stories about the 17 Massachusetts teenaged friends who decided to all have babies together, Juno's been getting crucified for making pregnancy look 'cool' - this quote being yet another example. My question, though - have any of these writers or experts actually watched the movie or did we just see different movies? Because unless this teen pregnancy crisis is paired with an explosion in closed adoptions arranged with wealthy, childless women or couples, I don't see the connection. Juno may be a 'cool' movie and Ellen Page may herself be cool, but the film does nothing to make teen parenthood seem desirable. Juno may give birth, but she doesn't actually become a parent, nor does she want to become a parent. But that distinction appears to have been lost on a lot of people.

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