Thursday, June 26, 2008

Neil = Reality TV star?

I've been too busy to find the time for some good, thoughtful blogging - so instead I'll post a mysterious and too brief report about my ever so short experience on reality tv. (Which will air on a particular cable channel in the fall - but which i can only name closer to the date. It's killing you, I know.)

The set-up: I was recruited on the street some time ago to participate in what sounded like a rather serious reality tv show, asked to invite a friend, etc. But it was a scam - I was actually recruited for a different show, the name and format of which they wanted to keep a secret so that we (I brought my friend Arthur) would be a) unprepared and b) they could record our shocked reactions. (Note: No, it wasn't porn. But I know that's the first thing that occurred to you.)

The pay-off: So without revealing anything about the show at all, I'll simply say, without reservation, that we pulled it off beautifully. How we'll look to an audience is beyond me, as I don't know that even the host knew exactly what to do with us: we're grad students but we're not stereotypically nerdy or aloof; we're straight guys who wore coordinating, brightly-colored outfits and almost certainly act in an ambiguously gay way; we high-five and boast like dudes but scream in falsetto and slap each other when we get excited. Naturally, we were also afraid that we sounded far stupider than we intended. Though we'll forgive ourselves for that if we're entertaining, since we had determined earlier that we had to avoid being boring at all costs.

And that's all you'll get out of me, internets. For now, at least.

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Ellstar said...

1. It's reality tv, they scam people all the time.

2. I'm dying to know what this was.