Monday, April 30, 2012

The week past at Big Smoke Signals...

I don't want to just double-post every single sports blog that I make - I'm currently restricting them to the new Toronto-focused sports blog that I contribute to, Big Smoke Signals - but I also don't want to cut them out entirely. So, here's my compromise: I'm going to post a summary of whatever I've written about sports in the past week to this blog, every Monday. Sound good? Good!
  • From Monday: My frustration with sports reporters reliance on tired narratives of redemption, especially when they don't fit the facts - starring the Blue Jays' Travis Snider.
  • From Wednesday: A lesson on using bad stats, in response to a meaningless hockey "record" that was reported by the Canadian Press.
  • From Friday: A critique of the knee-jerk reaction the racist Tweets targeted at the NHL's Joel Ward - you say "isolated", I say "nope".
  • From Saturday: A stats-heavy analysis of the Blue Jays' decision to walk Dustin Ackley at a pivotal moment in the 9th inning. (The Mariners would subsequently tie the game and eventually win it.)

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